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Back on top, kinda

April 12th, 2009

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The other day I wrote about how my site got hacked, but thanks to a Google employee was slowly on the way back.  I checked my rankings this weekend and not only is my site ranking again for its main keyword, which is ace, but it is also in a higher position than it was before – I am now beating a Wikipedia entry I have been attempting to beat for ages!  It is really good news and im pretty happy but I’ll have to wait until next week to see what effect it has on my traffic, currently I am only receiving 50% of what I was before the hacking incident.  I’ll keep you all posted of the news as and when it happens.

Also, in other news
One of my first blog posts was about my aims for this blog, well I thought I would update you on these.  I now have 4 subscribers at the time of writing – which isn’t too bad for a blog of less than a week with no promotion [although I know 75% of them are friends lol] but every little helps!  I have also made some progress with the Adsense notifier program.  I have currently made a nice class that will connect to Google services, which is pretty cool as Google makes you jump through quite a few hoops before you can log in.  Anyway I can now log in and grab Adsense details, and the API I wrote should allow me to access any Google service too, which may have other applications in the future… Anyone have any uses for this?

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