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My aims – Update

April 24th, 2009

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Two weeks ago I wrote about my aims for this blog and thought I would write a little post letting everyone know where I am with them.

My first aim was getting 100 RSS subscribers and those of you with working eyes may have already noticed I am up to 9 according to the FeedBurner image on the right.

My second aim is to have 100 comments.  I currently have 14 which is great, and I also received my first spam comment the other day which is interesting as it contained no useful link or anchor text so I conclude it must have been a test to see if my blog accepted spam, after which they would drop real links.  Quite clever if you think about it as it means their money sites won’t be exposed unless they can actually drop the link!

My last aim was to create an Adsense notifier program, which is complete and works, however I am attempting to make it a bit more special, so probably won’t release for a while.  I’ll keep everyone updated on that.

I currently don’t disclose my earnings, and won’t until the adsense challenge kicks off properly.  I have, however, noticed my eCPM drop over all my sites significantly this month, which is annoying, I hope that this is just a small fluctuation and things will return in a few weeks.  Either way its not off putting, it just means I have to work more which, as I mentioned in my last post, is what I believe to be the secret to making money online. Giving up is not an option!

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