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Exploring the earning power of a niche site

May 15th, 2009

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So I have been talking a lot about creating niche sites recently, and how to use them to earn money online.  Well I was checking my Adsense stats today and came across something that so beautifully illustrated how choosing the right niche can really help you land on your feet.

The image below is a partial screenshot of my Adsense earnings yesterday (for just two of my sites) . Site 1 gets a lot of hits and clicks, but doesn’t earn that much as it is in a low paying niche, Site 2 is a site that I haven’t promoted much and so only gets 50 hits a day and 3 clicks a day, but earnt $3.50 which is a massive difference to Site 1!

Earnings 14/May/2009

If Site 2 had as much traffic as Site 1 then I would be laughing all the way to the bank, sadly it doesn’t and probably never will.  But the point still holds true, choosing a well paying niche is paramount to your earning success!

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Tutorial: Using AdsBlacklist to increase your Adsense eCPM

May 14th, 2009

A few weeks ago I ran a little test to see if using Adsblacklist can actually increase your earnings, and it does work!  One or two of you have contacted me saying you are unsure how to actually use this website, so I thought I would create a quick tutorial on how you actually use it.

If you haven’t already signed up to Adsblacklist do the following:

  1. Firstly goto Adsblacklist and register an account.
  2. Once you have registered click on My Account.
  3. Now click Add New Domain and add your domains

If you have already signed up and added your domains then you need to generate a list of poor quality sites:

  1. Goto Generate Filter List
  2. Drag and select the domains you display Adsense on to the box on the right
  3. Select MFA (Made for Adsense) and LCPC (Low Cost Per Click)
  4. Click generate!

Now we have a list of sites that notoriously pay low for Adsense clicks we now need to add this to

  1. Goto your Adsense account
  2. Click Adsense Setup then Competetive ad filter
  3. Paste the list generated from AdsBlacklist into this page and then Save

Now over the next day or so the advertised sites will be blocked from showing on your site and hopefully you will see an increase in earnings.  Please let me know if anyone uses this and sees an improvement!

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Review: WordPress app for the iPhone

May 13th, 2009

Last year everyone in our office miraculously acquired an iPhone. They are amazing phones and I recommend everyone get one. When I first got mine a friend of mine, Paul, recommended the WordPress app. He creates a new blog every week so it suited him well, but at the time I didn’t blog so saw no need for it.

Fast forward to April this year when I started this blog. Given that I am an iPhone geek I promptly downloaded the WordPress application and set it up. I wasn’t dissappointed.

The app can do an astonishing amount whilst retaining a useful and easy to use interface. It takes seconds to configure it to work with a new blog (remember to enable rpc-xml in your wp settings).

You can do pretty much anything from comment moderation to composing new pages and posts. This post itself was written almost entirely on my iPhone! It also allows you to add categories on the fly making life easier. You can even add photos from either the camera or photo album, albeit at a lower resolution, though I think 640×480 isn’t a bad size for most photos!

There are, however, a couple of issues.  Firstly, it doesn’t auto update when you log in. You have to manually hit refresh which thankfully takes just a few seconds to complete. There is also a bug that I encountered, only once, when I first tried to write this post in that it wouldn’t save my post. There is a certain irony to that don’t you think?! Normally when you start writing a post the app automatically saves it to the iPhone but I tend to prefer saving it back to wordpress so I can update the post later on my PC. After writing the post my save button dissappeared from the interface leaving me stranded, I had to come out of the app and lose everything I had done – so save regularily! Finally; you can’t insert links, this doesn’t bother me too much though I could imagine it being a bit tricky if it was enabled though.

Aside from the couple of niggles I mentioned the app is brilliant. I personally think of many things to write about whilst in bed or on the toilet (lol) etc. Is it just me who takes their iPhone to the toilet?? The app let’s you quickly jot down a few ideas that you can expand on later when your at the PC.

I have seen a lot of complaints about be app around the net about it not being able to do some advanced wp stuff such a plugin management etc but I don’t think the app is designed for that kind of functionality. So if you have an iPhone an blog I seriously recommend you try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Download the WordPress app for the iPhone here

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Quick Update

May 7th, 2009

Hey everyone. First up apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have been mega busy working, so blogging has taken a back seat. A nice saying I once heard was that “the people who make money don’t blog; because they are too busy making money” and I believe that to be mostly true, with a few exceptions of course.

I have my Adsense notifier app almost complete and it’s looking pretty darn good! I’m just adding some final touches to it. It will hopefully be complete within a week.

I now also have my adsense challenge site indexed in google with a good few articles, I will be looking to write some more this weekend.

My most exciting news related to a new SEO technique I have implemented. It’s a very special PHP class the essentially modified your site on the fly to rank your site better. I’ll post results in a few weeks.

Stay posted for a proper post soon!

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Adsense blacklist does work!

May 5th, 2009

So it has been exactly a week since I questioned whether adsense blacklist works or not and I now have the results!

A week ago I posted my eCPM for a particular site as $2.01 for its previous week.  As of today the last 7 days (since using adsense blacklist) has increased to  $2.29 for that site.  For those of you not good with maths that’s about a 15% increase, which is good by anyone’s standards!

What I never did, and should have, was to test it also across all my sites as the competetive ad filter works across all your sites indiscriminantly.  I did notice that all my sites did appear to earn a little more too.

So all in all a good test, and a good thing to do, I encourage other peope to test if it works for them and let me know how they get on!

In closing, I think it may well be worth while updating this list quite often (say once a month??) as new MFA sites come up quite often so you want your list to be up to date.

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Getting Approved by Adsense without waiting 6 months

May 1st, 2009

I was speaking to a colleague earlier about the adsense challenge.  He is going to do it alongside me following my steps but he currently knows very little about the web and Adsense etc.  This makes him a perfect candidate to follow my steps to see just how well a complete beginner can do simply by following my challenge!

He was doing a touch of research online into Adsense and came across a few blog posts that stated the Big G wasn’t accepting new Adsense publishers from people with brand new sites, in fact the general consensus is that it takes close to 6 months before you will be accepted.  In an attempt to qualify these rumours I went researched and found corroborating evidence, and this blog post, which had a few tips on how to get your site accepted quickly.

I think some of his points have merit, but some aren’t very good, so I thought I would post my own list using his as a basis but cutting out the rubbish.  So here is my guide on how to get accepted quickly into Adsense.

The real way to get accepted quickly is to have a quality site

Lets break this down into what constitutes a “quality” site, and remember that all new Adsense applications will be vetted by a human being, so we are really trying to appeal to the person reviewing your application.

There are three main factors that contribute to a quality site.

  1. Quality content
    Quality content is possibly the biggest factor in any websites success.  The Adsense team want quality publishers, and to get accepted quickly, you need to be one.  What this means is that you cannot use stolen content (a big no anyway) and it can’t be flaky.  If you are unsure if your content is of a high enough quality question what you would think if you found your own site and read it.  Try get a spouse or friend to give an objective opinion.
  2. Quantity of content
    As well as having quality content, you want a fair amount of it too.  A website with 3 pages just won’t cut the mustard.  You want 15-20 pages of quality content before even thinking about applying.
  3. Aesthetics.
    As a person will be reviewing your site it will pay to have it look aesthetically pleasing.  If the reviewer likes your site they are more likely to accept you.  It doesn’t have to be a design masterpiece, just not gary.  Get a nice template online or create one yourself, just make sure it looks good (you can always change it later)

Some say traffic matters when applying, I’m not sure on this one as Google has no way of knowing your exact traffic details… I mean you may get all your traffic from Yahoo? Other search engines do exist!  One thing that might help is having your site indexed before applying, in fact I would suggest getting your site indexed be one of the first things you try and do once you have a small amount of content.

Getting indexed is easy, just get a couple of links back to your site and within a week or so the big G will come and visit your site.  The more links you have and the better quality of link you get, the faster and more thorough the indexing will be.  But this is a matter for another post.

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Advertising – do it right!

May 1st, 2009

Just a quick one from me really.  I just had a look at ChefPatrick‘s blog and noticed this video and thought “wow” thats a really neat idea.  The basic premise is this; have a hot girl wearing a sponsored t shirt appear at the start of the video.  It got my attention and I’m sure it’d work for other people too (webmasters are predominately male).  I also really like the cheekiness of the idea.  Seriously, its a great idea!

This idea works for two reasons.

  1. It grabs your attention to both watch it, and continue watching
  2. It has the possiblity to go viral, people blog about it (i.e. me) or tell their friends

So next time you want to do some advertising or drum up traffic for your site, consider how ChefPatrick did it!

P.s. @ 3:05 ChefPatrick pronounces niche as “nish”… ITS NICHE (neesh)!!!

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End of week round up

May 1st, 2009

It has been a while since I posted, this has been because I’ve been frantically working on a few projects of mine.  I heard this saying once, the people who actually make money don’t tell anyone, namely because they are too busy making money! Obviously the’re is a few exceptions to this, such as John Chow and Darren Rowse, who makes a lot of their money from being public figures.

So here is a quick round up of what is going on at the moment…

Adsense Challenge
I have my domain bought, my design up, and I have written 4 articles.  I have also been looking into the link building techniques I will use to promote the site.  I’ll post the techniques I used when I’ve finished writing the articles.

Adsblacklist – Does it work?
I saw an instant increase in earnings after doing this, and have had very good earnings since, I’ll hold off posting real data until the end of the trial week is up, but it seems to work pretty well!

Adsense Notifier
My adsense notifier program is written, I just have to put a nice interface on it, tie up some loose ends and add some polish; it should be ready soon.  I have enlisted the help of a friend of mine to do the interface as [a] im too busy with web stuff to do it [b] his recent stuff has been good!

How is everyone else getting on with their projects?

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