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Getting Approved by Adsense without waiting 6 months

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I was speaking to a colleague earlier about the adsense challenge.  He is going to do it alongside me following my steps but he currently knows very little about the web and Adsense etc.  This makes him a perfect candidate to follow my steps to see just how well a complete beginner can do simply by following my challenge!

He was doing a touch of research online into Adsense and came across a few blog posts that stated the Big G wasn’t accepting new Adsense publishers from people with brand new sites, in fact the general consensus is that it takes close to 6 months before you will be accepted.  In an attempt to qualify these rumours I went researched and found corroborating evidence, and this blog post, which had a few tips on how to get your site accepted quickly.

I think some of his points have merit, but some aren’t very good, so I thought I would post my own list using his as a basis but cutting out the rubbish.  So here is my guide on how to get accepted quickly into Adsense.

The real way to get accepted quickly is to have a quality site

Lets break this down into what constitutes a “quality” site, and remember that all new Adsense applications will be vetted by a human being, so we are really trying to appeal to the person reviewing your application.

There are three main factors that contribute to a quality site.

  1. Quality content
    Quality content is possibly the biggest factor in any websites success.  The Adsense team want quality publishers, and to get accepted quickly, you need to be one.  What this means is that you cannot use stolen content (a big no anyway) and it can’t be flaky.  If you are unsure if your content is of a high enough quality question what you would think if you found your own site and read it.  Try get a spouse or friend to give an objective opinion.
  2. Quantity of content
    As well as having quality content, you want a fair amount of it too.  A website with 3 pages just won’t cut the mustard.  You want 15-20 pages of quality content before even thinking about applying.
  3. Aesthetics.
    As a person will be reviewing your site it will pay to have it look aesthetically pleasing.  If the reviewer likes your site they are more likely to accept you.  It doesn’t have to be a design masterpiece, just not gary.  Get a nice template online or create one yourself, just make sure it looks good (you can always change it later)

Some say traffic matters when applying, I’m not sure on this one as Google has no way of knowing your exact traffic details… I mean you may get all your traffic from Yahoo? Other search engines do exist!  One thing that might help is having your site indexed before applying, in fact I would suggest getting your site indexed be one of the first things you try and do once you have a small amount of content.

Getting indexed is easy, just get a couple of links back to your site and within a week or so the big G will come and visit your site.  The more links you have and the better quality of link you get, the faster and more thorough the indexing will be.  But this is a matter for another post.

Chris Adsense, Google

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