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Get your Adsense earnings reported in your own currency

June 15th, 2009

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I just logged into Adsense to see that I was able to update my adsense reporting to my own currency (GBP). I thought at first I might not like it (the figure would be lower than USD) but after a while I just took the plunge… and… ITS ACE!

Seriously it’s very cool, its so much easier to figure out how much you are actually earning when things are in your own currency. I for one thought I earnt more but I didnt. For example today I had earnt about $16 at the time of my switch. It now reports £10 which isn’t too bad, it just seems… a lot… lower.

Still I am happy about it.
A good thing too is that my adsense checker (I need to release this, sorry about the delay) will automatically pick up your own currency and display your earnings in whatever your preference is set to! Win.

In other news I joined twitter, follow me.

Oh and wordpress 2.8 is out… I shall upgrade shortly.

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Do you own a $3,500 site?

June 3rd, 2009

I do apparently.

One of my sites is a graphics site, serving up graphics to the masses of teens who love that kind of stuff.  It works very well and has some clever SEO stuff up its sleeve that I will probably go into on this blog at some point.  It earns pretty well too, it earnt well over $2,500 in the past year and that is taking into account an explosion I had last Christmas due to implementing adsense link units so this year it should do even better.

I received an email from someone last week asking if I would like to sell the site.  Interested in knowing more I responded asking him to make me an offer.  He offered $3,500 blind without even knowing any of the stats.  I presume he guessed at my traffic / income levels by how well I ranked in the SERPs for various difficult terms.

So what did I do?

I said no… but why?

Firstly I believe the site will, over the next year, earn the amount offered, but it also has the chance to earn more.  Plus I will be earning that amount every year unless something goes wrong.

Secondly the site has some very special SEO properties that I can leverage to help new sites I make.  Note I have not done this for my adsense challenge as I thought it would be cheating.

The best thing about it? Exactly 1 year ago someone offered to by the site off me for $400 and I almost said yes! It just goes to show how much difference 1 year can make to a site’s value and income.

Has anyone here sold a site (or had an offer on their site) for a fair bit of cash?

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Moving servers – How to do it right

June 2nd, 2009

A few of you may have noticed I have not posted for quite some time. There are a few reasons for this. First up I have been uber busy working on my niche site and secondly I was told my old hosting provider was going to shut down, in 2 weeks!! So I had to quickly find alternative hosting.

I proceeded to frantically search the web for a cost efficient and quality server to house all my sites and I finally found one that looked good.  I will probably write a full review of them later, but essentially what I was faced with now was the massive task of moving a massive array of sites and the possibility of losing money and rankings if any of them went down.

As this was the first time I had done this I made a few mistakes, but in hind sight they would be pretty easy to correct in the future.

So here is a quick checklist of things you should do before switching hosts, preferably in this order

  1. Copy all the data to the new server
    I did this via a cPanel / WHM transfer and my new host kindly took care of it for me
  2. Verify your data
    I didn’t do this properly and it lead to problems.  Check that not only has each account transfered, but the files are all there, and your databases are all there.  Sometimes one but not the other will transfer.  Sometimes you may have to manually copy data across.
  3. Change the nameservers of your domains
    I was lucky in that I had setup custom nameservers at my old host so all I had to do was register those nameservers at my new hosting and ALL my sites moved over seamlessly – cool huh?! I’d suggest anyone do this NOW before you feel the burn of moving 20+ sites one by one.

Because I didn’t do these steps thoroughly (I said they were easy didn’t I?) I ended up in a world of pain and some of my sites went down for a number of days.

Thankfully though, all my sites are now working and faster than ever!

So it’s good to be back, its a MASSIVE weight off my shoulders, and I hope to make up for lost time very soon!

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