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Targets achieved

November 28th, 2010

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Wow, it has been a LONG time since I last posted.  I’m sure the only people left subscribed to my blog are friends and bots.  I think blogging is quite a narcissistic endeavour anyway so I guess I am doing this more for me than any audience I may still have.  The reason I am writing this is two fold, one I have achieved something I didnt think I would and two, my friends Guy and Darren Steadman have recently started blogging again which tends to spur you on.

SO where have I been and what have I been doing?

Sites bought

I made my first plunge into site investment when I bought a covers website last January.  When I bought it the site was doing 300 visits a day, at the moment its doing just shy of 10,000 visits a day.  I’m hoping this one keeps on improving and improving.  Ironically a few people I know scoffed at my decision to purchase the site as it wasn’t bought for a token amount.

Targets Hit

Thanks to the purchase of the aforementioned site and overall improvements over my entire estate I am pleased to report I am now doing 1 million hits a month over all my sites.  Not a bad statistic if you ask me! Question now is, what is the next target to hit? I feel like I am just about hitting all mine meaning I am left feeling a little odd… I never thought I would reach such levels – even though I am fully aware I am still a little fish – but personally I never thought I’d be here.

New pad

I used to live with a fella known as Ell (Hi if your reading) he was awesome (you are reading right?).  Anyway he left Northampton to move to Leeds; apparently there is more ass up there! So that left me with a choice, stay in our current place or try find another place.  After a bit of luck I found an awesome flat in a converted mental hospital; somewhat fitting isn’t it?


As usual I have ran out of steam when writing this, I think I get bored easily.  Perhaps in the future I shall try steer away from structured posts and more towards random incoherent ranting.

Some things I have been trying recently, Facebook incentives, Image Search Optimisation, Website Speed Optimisation…. They all work, go try them.

To anyone still wondering if they should start in this business, DO IT, its easy, all it requires is effort so if you have that and any sort of grey matter then get started.  Just steer clear of scammy ebooks.


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