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The challenge: Profit off niche sites with Adsense!

April 12th, 2009

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Last year I decided to see if I could make money off a wordpress blog using a random niche, I chose one and got a site up within a few days and made a few bucks.  It was pretty random and not really anything to shout about.  But that was then and this is now, and right now I want to prove a few things, namely that:

  • You, anyone, can make money off the net
  • It won’t drain hours away of your life
  • It will provide recurring income

The real thing stopping most people is will and effort, as the old saying goes: You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

So here is what I plan on doing,

  1. I am going to make a website in a niche that I am not already in
  2. I am going to aim to make at least $10 a day off it
  3. I will aim to do this within 3 months

Compared to a lot of Adsense “schemes” this is quite low key; you may ask why I am only targetting $10 a day?  Well for starters to me, $10 a day is quite a lot, and if you are not already earning off Adsense it is to you too.  Plus it is quite a realistic target.  The biggest thing I am worrying about is the time frame.  Creating a new site and getting traffic to it within 3 months is quite difficult, but this is one of the things I will have to overcome.

I will attempt to be as transparent as possible with what I am doing, and what affect they have.  I will be revealing the exact niche, the keywords I use, my traffic and my adsense earnings.  The key here is enabling you to repeat what I will do with other niches!

I will count tomorrow as day 1 though :)

Chris Adsense, Adsense Challenge

Increase your profits with Adsense link units

April 8th, 2009

If you use Adsense then you should consider using Adsense link units.  I always used to be against them, I didn’t have any real reason to, I just didn’t.  I guess I thought they would reduce my eCPM and CTR because it would take visitors away from my main adblocks.  Also for you to actually earn off a link unit the visitor needs to click the link unit, and then click again onto one of the ads shown.  This seemed to me like too much work for the visitor who I thought would just give up.

One day though my friend told me he started using it and gained an extra $1 eCPM, which if you get a lot of visitors, is a pretty decent return.  The trick is to blend them into your site so that they appear as normal links.  For example if you have side navigation, place them there in a vertical unit or you can place them horizontally above your content.

Ideally what you need to do is test, if your site is established I would suggest noting down your current earnings, eCPM and CTR for a week, and how many visitors you got.  Then trial the link units in the two locations I mentioned, or any more you can think of.  Do each test for a week then see what gets you the best return.  It may not work for all sites but I have seriously seen a good return on it.

The key thing is… test test test, and dont be afraid to try new things! If my friend hadn’t I would have been earning a few less dollars a day!

Chris Adsense