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May 1st, 2009

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Just a quick one from me really.  I just had a look at ChefPatrick‘s blog and noticed this video and thought “wow” thats a really neat idea.  The basic premise is this; have a hot girl wearing a sponsored t shirt appear at the start of the video.  It got my attention and I’m sure it’d work for other people too (webmasters are predominately male).  I also really like the cheekiness of the idea.  Seriously, its a great idea!

This idea works for two reasons.

  1. It grabs your attention to both watch it, and continue watching
  2. It has the possiblity to go viral, people blog about it (i.e. me) or tell their friends

So next time you want to do some advertising or drum up traffic for your site, consider how ChefPatrick did it!

P.s. @ 3:05 ChefPatrick pronounces niche as “nish”… ITS NICHE (neesh)!!!

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