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Quick Update

May 7th, 2009

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Hey everyone. First up apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have been mega busy working, so blogging has taken a back seat. A nice saying I once heard was that “the people who make money don’t blog; because they are too busy making money” and I believe that to be mostly true, with a few exceptions of course.

I have my Adsense notifier app almost complete and it’s looking pretty darn good! I’m just adding some final touches to it. It will hopefully be complete within a week.

I now also have my adsense challenge site indexed in google with a good few articles, I will be looking to write some more this weekend.

My most exciting news related to a new SEO technique I have implemented. It’s a very special PHP class the essentially modified your site on the fly to rank your site better. I’ll post results in a few weeks.

Stay posted for a proper post soon!

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Starting your niche site

April 27th, 2009

So you have your niche picked out, you have a decent domain name and some web hosting.  Now you have to actually get the thing built.  A lot of people, including myself, think ugly designs are actually better for adsense revenue as they distract less from the ads.  With this in mind I went ahead and found a free website template from a template site on google, a quick query brings up many sites to pick and choose from.  Pick one you like and download it.

Now here you have to make a decision on how you want to build your site, if you know PHP you can quickly write some code that will allow you to wrap the design around your content, which will most likely be stored in a database.  If you don’t know PHP not to worry, it’s not too hard to just copy the template for each new page you make and just edit the information – it just becomes harder to maintain if you add a lot of pages or make changes later on.  I would suggest that everyone learns a little PHP to make this step easier.

The way I do basic templating in PHP is like so:

  1. Split up the design into logic top and bottom sections, put them both in their own file
  2. Each new page you create, add <? include_once ‘templatetop.php’; ?> at the top of the file, and a similar one for your templatebottom.php
  3. This will add the template around the content contained in the new page
  4. You can make it more advanced by setting variables like $pagetitle = “My Page Title”; before the include which you can then use to alter the title of each page.
  5. It requires very little code but makes your entire site much more maintainable
  6. Personally I do this for a few static pages, then create the rest of the pages using databases

You must make sure that however you create your pages, you use unique titles and unique H1 tags as this is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we will cover SEO in more depth later as it is a massive topic that requires it’s own post, hell, it requires many posts but starting with basic on site SEO is a good place to begin.

Creating content
So you have your template ready and know how you are going to create new pages, the next step is obviously to create those pages and put some content in.  Many people say that content is king when it comes to ranking, personally I believe links are king, content is queen, but either way content matters – a lot!

From your keyword research when choosing your niche you should have a number of related keyword phrases that get searched for.  You should use these as the basis of your articles.  Writing the articles themselves is usually a case of research, research and more research! The more unique the articles the better, you should not just copy them, it isn’t fair on the web master who made the original article and google can tell!  But drawing on a number of websites for inspiration and information is a great thing.  I usually combine information off a number of sites as well as my own personal touch in order to make my articles.  Your articles should be about 500 words or more in length and be of good quality.  You want to make 10-20 for your site.

This will take a fair amount of time to do but stick with it.  Content generation is usually one of the hardest parts of starting a new site but is totally essential, without it your site probably won’t get off the ground.

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The shortest URL shortener… ever?

April 27th, 2009

I was reading a blog today and noticed they used a very weird, but enticing, URL shortening service called  I put this blog through it and ended up with http://›.ws/䪒 which is totally cool! I believe it works by taking advantage of asian characters and unicode support.

If you notice they also have developer support clearly displayed on their front page, this is also quite cool.  The site is obviously targetted as, well, people like me!


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