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Review: WordPress app for the iPhone

May 13th, 2009

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Last year everyone in our office miraculously acquired an iPhone. They are amazing phones and I recommend everyone get one. When I first got mine a friend of mine, Paul, recommended the WordPress app. He creates a new blog every week so it suited him well, but at the time I didn’t blog so saw no need for it.

Fast forward to April this year when I started this blog. Given that I am an iPhone geek I promptly downloaded the WordPress application and set it up. I wasn’t dissappointed.

The app can do an astonishing amount whilst retaining a useful and easy to use interface. It takes seconds to configure it to work with a new blog (remember to enable rpc-xml in your wp settings).

You can do pretty much anything from comment moderation to composing new pages and posts. This post itself was written almost entirely on my iPhone! It also allows you to add categories on the fly making life easier. You can even add photos from either the camera or photo album, albeit at a lower resolution, though I think 640×480 isn’t a bad size for most photos!

There are, however, a couple of issues.  Firstly, it doesn’t auto update when you log in. You have to manually hit refresh which thankfully takes just a few seconds to complete. There is also a bug that I encountered, only once, when I first tried to write this post in that it wouldn’t save my post. There is a certain irony to that don’t you think?! Normally when you start writing a post the app automatically saves it to the iPhone but I tend to prefer saving it back to wordpress so I can update the post later on my PC. After writing the post my save button dissappeared from the interface leaving me stranded, I had to come out of the app and lose everything I had done – so save regularily! Finally; you can’t insert links, this doesn’t bother me too much though I could imagine it being a bit tricky if it was enabled though.

Aside from the couple of niggles I mentioned the app is brilliant. I personally think of many things to write about whilst in bed or on the toilet (lol) etc. Is it just me who takes their iPhone to the toilet?? The app let’s you quickly jot down a few ideas that you can expand on later when your at the PC.

I have seen a lot of complaints about be app around the net about it not being able to do some advanced wp stuff such a plugin management etc but I don’t think the app is designed for that kind of functionality. So if you have an iPhone an blog I seriously recommend you try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Download the WordPress app for the iPhone here

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